Champions for Life is proud to be a developmental disability services organization. Our program provides private instruction tailored to individuals participating in group lessons where the individual is integrated into a typical class, with or without assistance, based on the needs of the individual and a plan developed with parent, child, and staff mentor.  The recreational program allows children with developmental disabilities the opportunity to explore and enjoy activities such as soccer, gymnastics, tennis, power soccer (for those confined to a wheel chair), fitness, golf, and other activities that enhance and develop gross (large muscle/movements) and fine (small muscles/movements) motor skills. In addition to class integration, we also provide one on one mentorship with a trained staff person. Each child is paired with one staff, who tailors a recreation program to that person's needs, abilities, and wants, based on the plan developed with the child and his/her parent. The activities allow instructors to develop each individual's coordination, physical strength, flexibility, self esteem, and confidence.   There are also opportunities for siblings, called Sib Shop, which allow both the participants and his or her sibling to enjoy open recreation times. 

Please call Champions for Life for more information on this program (315) 252-9305 or email