Champions for Life offers programming that promotes total body awareness, core strength, balance, coordination, maintains youthful flexibility, and promotes confidence, courage and interest in physical activity while having fun! Gymnastics is a building block that will serve all athletics well. Questions? Contact or call (315) 252-9305. In addition to USAG Gymnastics classes, CFL offers Stealth Classes - Ninja for kids!, and Yoga as well.

Classes are offered for the beginner gymnast of all ages. The child—through safe and logical progressions of skills on all the Olympic events—learns the basics of gymnastics. The objectives at this level are to build a solid foundation to facilitate their gymnastic careers if they desire to continue. The sport of gymnastics has a unique overall development aspect that will nurture your child’s growth in any other sporting activity that he or she decides to pursue. 

Has your child been in gymnastics before? Not sure what level she should be in? Our gymnastics program manager does evaluations on Thursday nights, and by appointment. Children must be signed up ahead of time for an evaluation. Please call the Sports Center between 9 am and 2 pm, Monday through Friday, to schedule your child's evaluation. 


Gymnastics Registration for fall of 2018 is open!
You can go ahead and register for the fall season by clicking HERE

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