Lead in 5 is a program for fifth grade students in the Auburn Enlarged City School District, including St Joseph's School. Fifth graders are nominated by their teachers based on certain characteristics the teachers see in and out of the classroom. Lead in 5's curriculum is focused on the foundations of leadership, including honesty, attitude, respect, and communication. Ideally, those students who participate in Lead in 5 go on to take part in additional leadership training in seventh and eight grade, the Blueprint II program. 

Do you think your child would be a good fit for this program? We encourage you to approach your child's fifth grade teacher with questions or for more information. 

Already part of the program? When your child begins Lead in 5 (usually between January and March of the fifth grade year), we ask that they take a 'pre-program survey', which the facilitators at your child's school will provide as part of the program. After the session ends, they will take a 'post-program survey'. Ideally, we'll be able to capture what the kids have learned and enjoyed throughout the session. We also give them the opportunity to tell us what they liked and disliked, and how they would change the program if they could. If you're interested in seeing the questions they get asked, both surveys can be found at the links to the right. Please feel free to check them out!

Finally, after the class concludes, we ask that parents come back to this website, and take the parent survey. Your feedback is a large part of what helps Champions for Life continue to request grant funding to run all of our LOFTY programming, including Lead in 5. We want to know what you think of Lead in 5, what you liked (and what you didn't), and what changes you've seen in your son or daughter as they progress through the leadership training that is central to all LOFTY programming. 

This is the link to the Pre-Program Survey: 


This is the link to the Post-Program Survey:

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