Beginning in September of 2017, Champions for Life Sport Center will be changing the home school physical education format to more closely mimic that which children would receive over the course of a typical school year.

Home School Recreation will continue to offer a complete physical education program as well as instruction on character and virtue. Our programs combine physical fitness and fun with a comprehensive curriculum that will give your children a foundation for strong bodies and strong minds.  We firmly believe we are building a whole person, not just an athlete!

In the 2017-2018 school year, we will follow a block program, with a focus on a different sport or activity during each block. Offerings will include soccer, basketball, lacrosse, gymnastics, and more. Should children find they particularly enjoy one sport or another, they are welcome to choose to attend regular programming in addition to the home school physical education program. Discounts on programming are available for families wishing to enroll in multiple programs, and scholarship applications are always available. Instructors will range from gymnastics professionals for the gymnastics block, soccer coaches for soccer, the CFL Tennis Pro for tennis, and others. 


Physical Education
2017-2018 class times and days will be announced soon - stay tuned!

Payment Policies

Champions for Life will no longer be charging an annual registration fee. Parents are asked to fill out an EFT (electronic funds transfer) form, along with their registration forms for the new school year. Parents will be charged on the first of the month for the tuition for that month. Should any parent wish to discontinue participation for their child, we'd just ask that parents fill out a cancellation form, which is available at the front desk, no later than the 16th of the month for the following month. The registration form is available by clicking here, and the EFT form is available by clicking here

Monthly Tuition: (tuition includes one hour of physical education per week)

$45.00 - One child enrolled
$70.00 - Two children enrolled
$90.00 - Three children enrolled
$105.00 - Four children enrolled
$115.00 - Five or more children enrolled in program

Please note: Children must be 4 years old to participate in the program.

For more information or to enroll, please call (315) 252-9305 or contact info@championsforlife.org