Everest Park Pavilion

In the heart of the park is the Everest Park Pavilion and picnic area, on the shores of a large, stocked, fresh-water pond. Terrific for fishing, paddle boating, or kayaking, or for doing nothing at all, the pond is a peaceful, relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world. The Pavilion was rehabilitated in 2016, and features freshly painted walls, floors, and ceilings with ample seating inside or out. Inside, please note the installation of the Everest Park Donor Recognition wall, which features pictures from the history of the park, and a list of all the donors who made the fields, pavilion rehabilitation, and recent efforts possible. 

Outside the Pavilion, you'll find about eight picnic tables, all of which can fit underneath the overhang, giving shelter from the rain if need be. We provide a gas grill, garbage cans, and liners for the cans. There is a firepit for making smores or hot dogs over open flame, but please be sure to extinguish the fire before you leave. We do not typically provide firewood, paper products, or any other items. We ask that groups be no larger than 50. For larger groups, please speak with the Executive Director. If you need referrals for a caterer, tent, or other items, we are happy to provide them. 

The Pavilion at Everest Park is available for graduation parties, family reunions, or other such events. At this time, we are not equipped for larger events like weddings, but please check back here, or contact our Executive Director if you have specific questions. Each rental has full use of the pavilion and pond area, including the paddle boats, life jackets, playground, and recreational equipment. We do not have electricity at the Pavilion at this time, and port-a-potties are onsite near the parking area.

Pavilion rentals are only $125 for a three hour rental, and $150 for a five hour rental. The security deposit is $100 in addition to the cost of the rental, and is refundable upon post-event inspection. For Everest Park Members, the security deposit is waived, and members pay only $100 for a three hour rental, and $125 for a five hour rental. For information about becoming a member, please click here

The rental agreement can be found here. To reserve the Pavilion, or to check availability, please contact Champions for Life, at 315-252-9305.